25 Host Families Needed

Mount Lawley SHS is hosting a group of Japanese students who will be visiting for a week between 24th March 2013 - 31st March 2013.

The Japanese students will stay with a family from the school and participate in regular classes alongside our students.

This experience will include an excursion for both Japanese and host students on Saturday 30th March to visit Rottnest for the day with swimming and bike riding activities. The excursion comes at no extra cost to families.

The aim of their visit is to experience our Australian school and family life and improve their English speaking ability. We are looking for families to host a student and give them a taste of our 'Aussie culture".

Hosting an international student offers many unique opportunities, including the chance to learn about another culture and build life-long friendships. Strong bonds are often forged between the host families and their Japanese student, remaining in contact for the rest of their lives.

A host family payment will be arranged to assist with costs incurred during the hosting period.

If you are interested in hosting a student please speak to a staff member from the Languages Department.