Parking & Traffic Congestion Update

With the Mt Lawley Primary School now joining us on Woodsome Street, there is great potential for increased traffic congestion at school pick up and drop off times.

The traffic management plan that has been developed means that all parent traffic to the Primary School, including their 'Kiss and Drive' system will take place in the carpark on the far side of Hamer Park.

Primary school staff will be parking at the Sportsmans Club adjacent to our Middle School.

The parking and pick up and drop off arrangements for Mount Lawley Senior High School families will remain the same as they have always been.

The only exception is Year 12 students, and some staff who used to park in the cage on the far side of the Soccer Oval. They will be asked to park at the Sportsmans Club.

The Pre-Primary, on the southern Woodsome Street approach to the school will operate as normal, with the Pre-Primary parents parking outside the Pre-Primary as they always have.

The different finish times for the High School (Middle School 2:50pm and Senior School 3:00pm) and the Primary School (3:10pm) should also help to reduce congestion.

All parents are asked to take care on the roads outside the school, particularly with the primary school students crossing Woodsome Street to enter and leave their new school premises.

Traffic maps will be uploaded as they become available.