International Fee Paying Students


1908_doe_rare_international_chinese_mt_lawley_0294.jpgMount Lawley SHS accepts international fee paying students for Years 10, 11 and 12 only.



To start the process of enrolment you first need to contact:

TAFE International Education Student Services by telephone: +61-8-9218-2100 or by email:



All international fee paying students first need to undertake and pass a written test and an interview.


Does your school have intensive English courses?

No. Students that do not pass our testing need to attend an Intensive English Centre at another school.


What care does your school provide for international fee-paying students?

Mount Lawley SHS provide an International Fee-Paying Student Coordinator who liaises with the students to monitor their attendance and academic progress. The Coordinator also provides assistance to help the students get the best educational outcomes possible.

If you have further questions contact our school on


ciswa-logo-with-tagline.pngCISWA Awards

CISWA is short for "Council for International Students of Western Australia" and is an independent, voluntary, non-profit group promoting the wellbeing of international students studying in Western Australia. Originally funded by AusAid, CISWA was established in 1963 in response to the demand for support services for the 1000 international students studying in Western Australia. Over fifty years on, CISWA remains the only organization of its kind in Australia, though the number of international students in WA has grown to over 50,000. CISWA supports the staff who work with international students, running an affordable Professional Development (PD) Program and an Annual Conference.

Mount Lawley Senior High School has won two prestigious CISWA awards.


211209-3039-2-2048x1365.jpg 211209-3059-1-2048x1365.jpg
Pam Moss, Director, Public Schools Planning, Department of Education WA (left) and Thi Quynh Anh Nguyen (L-R) Pam Moss, Director, Public Schools Planning, Department of Education WA (left), Pippa Beetson, International Student Coordinator, Mount Lawley Senior High School, and Lesley Street, School Principal