Camp Wellington

Situated just west of Collie, about 2 hours south of Perth. We camp on the banks of the Dam, enjoying the swimming and canoeing opportunities, and take advantage of the nearby Wellington Discovery Forest to undertake some sessions wth DEC's Eco-Education.

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The 2012 Camp Wellington

Oh no! An 8 o'clock start, on a SUNDAY?!.......BUT, definitely worth it.

The camp site at Wellington Dam was amazingly beautiful. The dam was like hundreds of sparkling saphires; the trees delicate ballerinas dancing in the breeze. There were little birds chirping, and everywhere we turned there were ecosystems hard at work keeping the bushland beautiful. Suddenly, through the peacefulness, burst in a big bus of 41 restless high school students in anticipation of a fabulous experience!

The 2012 Wellington Bush Rangers Camp was my first Cadet Camp, and I was bursting with excitement and energy. In my first few seconds of arrival, I knew it was going to be awesome!

As the sun began to set, we all trouped off into the rustling bushland, exploring along an old trail, spotting gorgeous possums and hearing crickets, frogs, owls and bats from behind the cloak of darkness. The night walk was my favorite experience of the whole camp! We also studied the stars and that was breathtaking. The stars were like 100's and 1,000's; the black sky was like a chocolate freckle. BREATHTAKING!

Hmmmmm! Pancakes, sausages, bacon and eggs on toast; couldn't get better than this! Day 2 was really interesting. We headed off to the DEC (Department of Environment & Conservation) Centre, where a leader took us out on a bush hike and taught us about biodiversity. It was a big full day, full of learning and interacting with our surrounding environment. We even got to go canoeing.

When we all got back to camp and got the dinner cooking some spooky stories were in order!! They were the most hilarious and entertaining spooky stories ever. Then, of course, the 'Tapping the Stick'. I can't say too much, but I can say it is a great Cadet tradition.

From all of us.......a great big thankyou to Andrew the Chaplain, Mr Hawke, Mr Dubois and Rosie for an unforgettable experience.

Can't wait 'till next time!

Mikayla (Year 8)