25-years-logo.pngBushed: 25 years of Bush Ranger Cadets


To celebrate 25 years of Bush Ranger Cadets at Mount Lawley Senior High School, we made a film... but it is a bit long, so we made it into a 10-part series.



Series 1 Episode 1


Episode 1 introduces the history of the Unit, and shows the breadth of places we have been able to visit and what it has meant to the participants.


Series 1 Episode 2


Episode 2 shows a bit more about the places around Western Australia that we have been able to explore, as well as the activities we have been involved in.


Series 1 Episode 3


Episode 3 looks at the various interactions we have had with local Aboriginal people around the state. It also shows us at Monday Training over the years and introduces our 'whole-unit' camping program.


Series 1 Episode 4


Episode 4 focuses on the Experience Camps - the CALM Fire Experience, the Perrup Experience, the Shark Bay Experience and the Ningaloo Experience.


Series 1 Episode 5


Episode 5 deals with the Millstream Experience, which is one of our most ambitious regular projects.


Series 1 Episode 6


Episode 6 looks at the response our participants have had to the natural world around them, and introduces the contribution of our volunteer Instructors.


Series 1 Episode 7


Episode 7 looks at the contribution of some of our Instructors who have been instrumental in the development of the Unit over many years. We look at the contributions from all of our Instructors, and what it is like to return to the Unit as an Instructor after leaving as a Cadet. Then we start to look at the way the Cadets have taken to the program.


Series 1 Episode 8


Episode 8 looks at some of the things that lie behind our success - developing a work ethic and transferring skills between generations of Cadets, and the way that Cadets provides opportunity for friendships and learning.


Series 1 Episode 9


Episode 9 acknowledges the support of Cadets WA and the Ranger staff from the Department of Biodiversity Conservation & Attractions. We look at Clodagh, a past Cadet now working for DBCA and reflect on what the Cadets get out of the program.


Series 1 Episode 10


Episode 10 finally draws the whole thing to a close. We reflect on the safe space that Cadets provides and why it is still running successfully after 25 years. And yes … it finally does finish.