Year 8 Song Lyrics


Music is a popular way to express thoughts and feeling about particular topics and issues. Have a look at how the following issues have been portrayed in songs.


Aboriginal rights | Gun Control | Homelessness | LGBTQI | Marriage equality | Poverty | Racism | War / Conflict | Women's rights

The following websites may help you with working out the meaning of your song. 

Song meanings and facts

Song facts


Aboriginal civil rights
Land rights
Stolen Generations

video_icon_512.pngArchie Roach - Took the children away

video_icon_512.pngMidnight Oil - Beds are burning

video_icon_512.pngMidnight Oil - Dead heart

video_icon_512.pngWarumpi Band - Whitefella, blackfella


Recommended resources

book_icon_512.pngHastings, T. (2006). Indigenous Australians. Macmillan.

ebook_icon_512.pngHealey, J. (Ed.). (2014). Indigenous rights. Spinney Press.

Gun control
Gun violence

 video_icon_512.pngCarrie Underwood - The bullet

video_icon_512.png Foster the People - Pumped up kicks

video_icon_512.png Kane Brown - American bad dream


Recommended resources

website_icon_512.pngEverytown for Gun Safety. (2021). The impact of gun violence on children and teens.


video_icon_512.pngPhil Collins - Another day in paradise

video_icon_512.png Avril Lavigne - Nobody's home


Recommended resources

 book_icon_512.png Stearman, K. (2008). Talk about homelessness. Wayland.


video_icon_512.png Diana Ross - I'm coming out

video_icon_512.png George Michael - Freedom 90

video_icon_512.png Green Day - Coming clean

video_icon_512.pngLady Gaga - Born this way


Recommended resources


Marriage equality

  video_icon_512.png Macklemore - Same love


Recommended resources



  video_icon_512.png Elvis Presley - In the ghetto

video_icon_512.png Jonas Blue - Fast car


Recommended resources

ebook_icon_512.pngGifford, C. (2009). Poverty. Evans.

book_icon_512.pngSenker, C. (2007). Poverty. World Almanac Library. 

 book_icon_512.pngSteinman, K. (2017). Poverty. Mason Crest.


  video_icon_512.png H.E.R. - I can't breathe


Recommended resources

book_icon_512.pngRooney, A. (2006). Race hate. Evans.

book_icon_512.pngSenker, C. (2008). Talk about racism. Wayland.

War / Conflict

video_icon_512.png Barry McGuire - Eve of destruction

video_icon_512.pngBob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind

video_icon_512.pngThe Cranberries - Zombie

video_icon_512.png The Kingston Trio - Where have all the flowers gone?

video_icon_512.png U2 - Sunday bloody Sunday


Recommended resources

book_icon_512.pngBarker, G. (2009). War. Evans.


Women's rights

video_icon_512.pngHelen Reddy - I am woman

video_icon_512.pngMargaret Roadnight - Girls in our town

video_icon_512.pngNo Doubt - Just a girl


Recommended resources

book_icon_512.pngConnolly, S. (2005). Gender equality. Franklin Watts. 

video_icon_512.pngFeminism: whatever happened to women's lib? [Video]. (2018). ABC.