Written elements of picture books


Creators of picture books think carefully about how the written text will appeal to their audience and combine with visual elements to tell the story. They use the following elements:


Word choice


The language is clever, usually simple and easy to understand.


Each word in this example has been carefully chosen for effect.


Refugees by David Miller


See the whole book here .


Figurative language


This is language that compares, emphasises and clarifies meaning. For example metaphors and similes.


What is the figurative language on this page?


The bubble by Josie Montano and Matt Ottley




This is when words, phrases or sentences are repeated for emphasis.


It's a book by Lane Smith.


In this story, the phrase "it's a book" is repeated throughout.


See the whole book here .




These are references made to another event, person, myth, legend, another work or place.


Into the forest by Anthony Browne makes reference to the story of Red Riding Hood.


If you're not familiar with Into the forest , have a look at the book here .




This is when the ends of words sound the same and follow a pattern for emphasis.


The very cranky bear by Nick Bland.


If you're not familiar with The very cranky bear, have a look at the book here .




This is where a beat is created through the sounds and order of words.


The house that Jack built by Simms Taback.


If you're not familiar with The house that Jack built, have a look at the book here .