Writing Frameworks

Use these templates and planning sheets to make sure you include all the elements required for the final product.

analytical_logo.png Analytical exposition To explore and analyse a topic, then persuade the reader to a particular point of view by providing supporting evidence or data.
biography_logo.png Biography To recount, retell events, experiences, achievements of a person's life.
brochure_logo.png Brochure Used to provide information about services, campaign, project or goods.
discuss_logo.png Discussion plan Used to help organise your thoughts when discussing a topic.
explanation_logo.png Explanation plan Used to explain how things work, why things operate as they do or describe a process.
persuade_logo.png Persuasive exposition
(Taking one point of view)
To persuade the reader to a particular point of view by presenting evidence and data.
exposition_logo.png Exposition
(Presenting both sides)
To examine and compare both sides of an argument or issue by providing supporting evidence or data.
essay_logo.png Essay template A guide on how to structure an essay.
maths_logo.png Mathematical investigation To enquire into a mathematical situation and produce a mathematical argument.
newspaper_logo.png Newspaper report A guide on how to structure a newspaper report.
poster_logo.png Poster To promote or summarise a topic of interest.
presentation_logo.png PowerPoint / Keynote presentation

Used for an oral presentation of information, instructions, reports and can include graphics, links and other media.

A guide to PowerPoint/Keynote presentations.

recount_logo.png Recount plan To retell past events and experiences in order to entertain or inform.
report_logo.png Report plan

To provide information on a particular topic or about a particular situation that has happened or is still happening.

A guide to writing a report.

microscope_logo.png Science investigation To conduct an open ended scientific investigation in order to document findings, draw inferences and attach new information to previous understandings.