Reading Journals

As part of English you will visit the Library once a fortnight for a reading period. On other days you should be aiming to read between 10 and 30 minutes per day. Pick the time of the day that best suits your schedule. This could be before going to sleep, on the bus to and from school or even waiting to be picked up from school.

Reading has some amazing benefits but in terms of English specifically, it increases your vocabulary and improves your writing skills.

benefits-of-reading.jpg impact-reading.jpg


During your reading period you will be given a reading journal that you will need to fill in each period.


Matrix Education

In high school your teachers will expect you to not only understand what you have just read, but be able to analyse a text in different ways. A reading journal can help you to start practising this skill. Have a look at the presentations below to see how to fill out your reading journal correctly.

Year 7 Reading Journal
pdf (527.14 KB)
Year 8 Reading Journal
pdf (528.19 KB)
Year 9 Reading Journal
pdf (530.52 KB)