Mobile Phones, Computers & Internet Policy

Mount Lawley Senior High School respects and values academic freedom, the academic ethos and the rights of students, staff, parents and guardians who make up the School community.

The School must comply with laws and other legal obligations regarding the use of its communications and information technology infrastructure, within the jurisdiction in which it operates.

The School has decided upon the following conditions of use for school computing facilities.

The School

Use of School computing facilities is for the purpose of School-related teaching, learning, research, administration and other school-related activities.

Use of the facilities is subject to conditions which are designed to keep the computing equipment operating, the accommodation in good order and to generate an educational environment that is productive, ethical, legal, secure and effective.

In order to ensure that the facilities function in a secure, efficient and effective manner, the School reserves the right to examine any computer software on its facilities and to monitor usage.

Under normal circumstances no person within the School is authorised to access another person's email or data. However, this can be over-ruled with the permission of the Principal or their nominee.

These conditions apply to all: School computers and systems, computer laboratories, computer facilities, networks, peripherals, software and data.

Authorised Users

Persons authorised to use school computing resources are:

  • students enrolled in the School.
  • staff employed by the School.
  • other persons having special authorisation from the Principal or nominee.


Authentication is an identity and permissions check performed with a user ID and password when a user logs on to a computer system.

No attempt should be made to avoid authentication.

Use of Facilities

  • A user may use only those facilities for which they are authorised.
  • Facilities may be used only for the purposes for which they have been provided and may not be used for other projects, games, 'hobby computing', private commercial or private consulting work, unless specifically sanctioned by the Principal or nominee.
  • Facilities must not be wasted or consumed by inappropriate or irresponsible use.
  • No attempt should be made to tamper with any facility in any way which might alter or impede its use by others.
  • Equipment may not be attached to school networks or equipment except by an authorised officer of the School.
  • Users must not harass others, including using computing facilities to send obscene, abusive, fraudulent, threatening or unnecessarily repetitive messages.
  • Users must not involve themselves in any action that is unethical, illegal, of malicious intent, is in breach of the Communications Act or any state or federal law, is in breach of any School rule, or brings the School into disrepute.
  • Users must inform staff immediately if they identify a security breach. They must not inform any other user.
  • The authority to use School computing facilities normally expires at the end of each year but may be extended.
  • The School reserves the right to withdraw or modify authorisation or access to facilities without notice.

Proper Conduct

Computer laboratories are work places.

In the interest of other users noise should be kept to a minimum.

Eating and drinking is not permitted in computer laboratories.

Data Security and Privacy

Computer accounts are for the exclusive use of the person to whom they are allocated and must not be used by anyone else.

Passwords must not be divulged to any other person.

Every reasonable precaution must be taken to ensure that passwords, accounts and data are adequately secured.

No attempt should be made to find out another user's password, nor to gain access to another user's account.

Regardless of the prevailing level of security, users must not:

  • attempt to examine, disclose, copy, rename, delete or modify another person's data without authorisation.
  • attempt to recover deleted data belonging to someone else
  • attempt to subvert any restrictions imposed on the use of any facility
  • access any data or software except that which belongs to, or has been provided for the use of that user.
  • Users must not forward any emails to another person without the permission of the sender.

Software Copyright Regulations

Only legally obtained software is to be used on school computing equipment - the penalties for breaching copyright are very high.

All users of school equipment are warned that any such breach is the liability of the user.

The School will not be liable for any breaches made by users.

No unauthorised software may be used on any School facility.

Software provided for use in laboratories must not be copied from computers without prior authorisation.

Copyright on the Internet

All material on the Internet is covered implicitly by copyright law. Unless the web site states that the material can be used for educational, non-commercial or other purposes, permission should be sought to copy that material.

Breaches of Conditions

Failure to adhere to the above conditions may be considered an act of misconduct and appropriate action may be taken according to school rules.

Certain breaches which involve security and/or access violations may require that the School report them to the Australian Federal Police or State Police.

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