The Arthur Leggett OAM Library

  • Open every day from 8.00am – 4.00pm.
  • Homework Club is on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
  • Students may borrow 4 books for 2 weeks.
  • Laptops are available for borrowing on a daily basis.
  • Students are expected to respect the library environment and the rights of other learners.
  • The Library is staffed by Ainsley Bakitch (Teacher Librarian: Mon – Fri) and Lucy Fairbotham (Library Officer Mon – Fri).

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We support the following good reasons to have a school librarylibrary.png

  1. A qualified teacher librarian and a well-resourced library increases student achievement.
  2. Teacher librarians can provide access to curated information that specifically meets student and staff needs.
  3. A teacher librarian works to develop a reading culture and to raise the levels of information literacy across the school.
  4. School libraries provide a social space to meet, collaborate, research, learn, share, and relax.

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